Monday, June 28, 2010

Abingdon Plantation at National Airport

June 14, 2010. Alexandria, VA was named for Scottish sea captain John Alexander, who purchased Abingdon Plantation for 6,000 pounds of tobacco in 1669. Two of his descendants gave part of the land for the establishment of the tobacco port city of Alexandria. In 1746 his grandson built a plantation house on a hill overlooking the Potomac. In 1776, George Washington's adopted stepson John Parke Custis purchased Abingdon so that his family could be near Mount Vernon. Abingdon is said to be the birthplace of Nellie Parke Custis, who was a favorite of her step grandfather George Washington. The Union Army occupied Abingdon during the Civil War. The house burned in 1930. The site is now preserved between two multi-story parking lots overlooking the terminal buildings at National Airport. In theory, it offers air travelers a little history between flights, but you never see anyone visiting the site!


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