Thursday, March 4, 2010

Philadelphia International Flower Show--Passport to the World

Philadelphia, PA, March 1, 2010: The Philadelphia Flower Show was spectacular as always, but not over the top like recent years. The crowd seemed a bit less, but then it was the first time we've gone on a Monday rather than later in the week. We suspected that exhibitors had scaled back somewhat because of the economy. But where else can one see landscapes and displays with everything blooming out of season and all at the same time?

Our BEST OF SHOW was South Africa which was devoted to the Zulus:

Protea (l); forest lily (r)

India featured a wedding:

Brazil featured flamingos made of pink carnations and real parrots from the Philadelphia Zoo:

Amsterdam was primarily bicycles and tulips:

New Zealand: Papyrus (l); dawn redwood (r):

Lupine (l), white bird of paradise (r):

A floral design of "frozen" flowers:

Stacked freight containers featured an edgy "international" experience:

Visitors took flashlights to walk through a dark bamboo thicket. It was clever but the hidden treasures were uneventful:

This outdoor bedroom spa had water walls and green walls:

An otter fountain for a koi pond at a German beer garden:

A nail covered bird house and Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin':

A little bit of Thailand:

For some, it took a little time to figure out this American flag:

Spring all at once:
One exhibit celebrated US Highway 1 from this Florida alligator to this Maine lobster:

Stargazer lilies and amaryllis:

This hanging exhibit seemed to be a landscape from the snow capped mountain through the forest to the beach and the blue sea:
Best in shopping:
Flower arranging:

Laptop office arrangements:
Pressed flower "painting":

Fashion and shop windows:



We had a Thai lunch in Philadelphia's Chinatown that abuts the Pennsylvania Convention Center:

We loved this tea house gazebo. The koi fountain provided sound and movement to what otherwise was a flat pond.
Miniature landscapes:


Front yards and porches:

Picture frame view:


Lots of clivia:

Spring-flowering bulbs:


Boatloads of orchids:

Species orchid Dendrochilum tenellum:


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